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Autumn reflective clothing

Product fabrics

Fabric: reflective cloth with glass beads (high elastic)

Product features

* Reflective clothing is the second-generation Reflective fabric developed by DAPPER for Micro Glass Beads. It is featured with elastic highlights, better movement and stretching.

* the open-fork waterproof zipper design in the collar is convenient to wear and breathable at any time.

* the cap and hem of the delicate design of rope, at any time to adjust the tightness, wear more comfortable.

* tribute to DAPPER DAN commemorative printing, more fashion and trend.

* front paste bag up and down jujube fixed, in case of cracking, convenient storage.

* fine details, seamless processing, every 3 cm requires more than 13 needles.

* only select the listed company's big brand accessories, quality assurance.

* reflective clothing with a large area of reflective clothing, whether running, when exposed sweat clothes or casual coat, everywhere shows fashion and safety cool.

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