DAPPER brand was born in New York in 1991. Owning the brand operation right and ownership in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The company's initial products are only high-end down clothes, which are oriented to high quality, pursuing the ultimate and unique, and providing high-quality, comfortable and fashionable down clothes for people who pursue high-quality life. Later, our brand began to sell products and services to a large number of people who pay attention to safety and fashion movement by repositioning to serve the "premium mass" market segment. Now we focus on researching and applying reflective materials with high and new technology to clothing and accessories, making sports more fashionable, safe, cool and eye-catching. To pursue high quality of life for the young fashion group, bring more safe cool fashion sports and leisure life. 

DAPPER is a pioneer brand on REFLECTIVE new material application development and launch full reflective sports shorts and down jacket.

DAPPER with high-quality positioning,Pursuing perfection, to make a difference. ,serving for people who emphasize safety and fashion sports  products. Perceive fashion, sex appeal and combine comfort and safety  anytime and anywhere with DAPPER